Please call me Tobi. I have been working as a creative director and director for film since 2008. With my work I want to help enabling the worlds potential. I focus on empowering stories about society and the visual beauty of film to raise the frequency.
This about me page is about you too: When you consider working with me, you should know what that means for you as well. First of all: I'll make sure you feel safe, as this should be the foundation for creative work. You won't have to worry about the project/timing/budget working out. I’ll have that covered.
I’m personally committed to my work and I feel responsible for my clients so there is no chance you will be left out in the rain when working with me and my team!
Sometimes people (directors in particular) turn shy when it comes to working for commercial clients. I believe there is a simple solution: Honesty. Let's just be honest with each other. So when you ask me to direct a commercial for some chocolate bar this is obviously not the topic closest to my heart, but this job gives me the opportunity to work next month on a non-budget-film about making the world a better place. That’s why the chocolate bar gets 100% of me too. Peace!
I try to leave all ego out of my work (and my life). Therefore I practice yoga, meditation, improv and dance in order to be present in my life (and my work). Thanks to this path I feel more energised and have found a way to tap into creativity.
My journey first took me to several German film agencies and then out into the world working as freelance film director and producer.
I offer: film direction | creative concept | head of production | edit
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