Client: BZgA
My Role: Creative Director
DoP: Zoran Bihac
Agency: Kreativ Konzept
Production: Film Deluxe
Opening a film branch in Berlin
My dear old friends from Kreativ Konzept. When I decided to move to Berlin they were courageous enough to let me open a film branch for their agency in Germany's capital. And it didn't take us long to win our first huge project.
First project was pretty crazy
In an open idea pitch the Federal Ministry of Health's "BZgA" awarded my bold concepts, which contained a woman with tentacles growing out of her head while taking a shower and a man growing a dinosaur tail from his butt ...
My go-ahead as a director
It was my first big film project as Creative Director back then and after developing the ideas with the client I had the pleasure to work together with experienced director Zoran Bihac. Zoran is a great guy and I enjoyed our time together so much.
But still, after this experience I knew: When I develop ideas I need to shoot them myself as director. So this was my go-ahead as director.

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