Client: Amazon Music
Band: Tokio Hotel
Agency: Styleheads
To answer that first: Yes, they are super cool. But highly professional at the same time.

The 2-day-shoot with all members of Tokio Hotel for their Christmas Single was another highlight in my long-lasting (LOVE!) relationship with Styleheads.

For their client Amazon Music my freelance production team and I went into full Santa Mode and created a 4 minute mockumentary and several Social Media Shorts with Bill, Georg, Gustav and Tom.
Lots of glitter, misused snow guns, a crashing Christmas tree, 1.3. mio. views... perhaps it's best to just watch it yourself: "Your Christmas"
Film Produktion
Regie und Produktion: Tobias Stubbe
DoP: Moritz Kluth
Producer: Fabio Giuseppe Fritz Holub
Aufnahmeleitung: Sebastian Winterson
Edit: Tobias Stubbe
ColouristIn: Sarah Salzmann
TonmeisterIn: Nils Plambeck
Mischung und Sound Design: Denis Elmaci
1. AC: Lukas Fahnert
Oberbeleuchterin: Joran Ost
Beleuchter: Andreas Knäblein
Licht Assistenz: Gerrit Fahr
Helping Hand: Tolga Canbaz
Helping Hand: Tara von Scheven
Helping Hand: Tina Kratochvil

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